Twenty Things that Annoy Me (not an exhaustive list)

So my seminary classmate (well, actually it was div school, and actually he was an organist at the time, the clergy thing came along much later, but I digress) has posted his “10 things that annoy me” list. There is actually a whole web site being dedicated to this.  I could submit my list there, but I’m not really in that crowd, and it feels a bit like trying to crash someone’s party just because you really dig the theme.

But I dig the theme.

So, here’s my 10  20 things that annoy me list.  What might you add?

  1. Publications sent from my daughter’s school with glaring grammatical errors.
  2. The way my GPS system mispronounces the name of a street I drive on frequently.
  3. When religious types announce that a liturgy is done “wrong” when in fact it is just being done from the lens of a different denomination.
  4. The fact that 5 Guys B(ge_s and Frites (a restaurant that I do love) does not offer any children’s drinks.
  5. The way that all crumbs and other small pieces of trash get stuck in that teeny little valley between the driver seat and the center console.
  6. The fact that I don’t have a name for that little unvacuumable valley.
  7. White cat fur that sticks to everything.
  8. Glitter
  9. The PBS TV show The Cat in the Hat. 
  10. When people are late to meetings and then insist on being caught up.
  11. Clothes that are purportedly wrinkle free–but aren’t.
  12. Most women’s summer dresses.
  13. The fact that ebooks aren’t much cheaper than paper books.
  14. The fact that the public library is not open on Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.
  15. Coconut
  16. The mall parking lot
  17. Girls clothing that looks tarty
  18. My neighbors’ alarm clock
  19. Bicycle riders without helmets
  20. Those 50 cent rides in the mall

5 thoughts on “Twenty Things that Annoy Me (not an exhaustive list)

  1. I agree of the Cat in the Hat. We used to be a Dinosaur Train family which I loved. But the Cat in the Hat drives me crazy!

  2. My gps apparently doesn’t like to say the name of our state so it says “court” instead, as in “Court 8 north” Very weird.

    #s 1, 5, 11, 16, 17 and 19 (and also the idiots who ride motorcycles around here without helmets) I’m right there with you.

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