staycation, camp, endings, beginnings

Next week, I have 3 days off of work in which Selam and I will take our staycation.  We are going to the beach one day (that one is a no brainer), and then we are each picking a destination for one day. Selam picked a children’s museum that she visited with camp, but where I’ve never been. I’m probably going to pick a historic settlement about an hour away.  It’s really pricey, but I just found out that kids under 6 are free. Since we have just 2 months left on that deal, it seems like this is the time to do it, since it’s 2 for 1.  We also need to get her some new sneakers, probably on the way home from one of these adventures.  It should be fun.

She then goes to after-camp for two days.  The next week, she has 3 days of after camp, one day of nonstop doctor appointments, and possibly the fifth day with me, though if I can find a way to swing it financially, I might send her to a fourth day of after camp.

THEN, we have my parents coming, and they will watch her for two days, then they go home and I take a vacation day for the day before school starts. We’ll have a teacher conference scheduled for that day, too, and probably a haircut.

The goal is just to keep her on an even keel for these 2.5 weeks of chaos.  It’s a lot of changes.

Yesterday, after camp, she was a total brat. And that is not her M.O. She threw a huge fit about hating her food (which she has loved many times before), then another about the clothes I suggested she wear for camp, then another about going to bed.

This morning, more crabbiness ensued.  While we were waiting for the bus, I asked her if something was bothering her and she burst into tears.

She’s sad that camp is ending.

It’s the same as the end of kindergarten–lots of goodbye stuff, “last day” stuff, spread out over time–it’s just not good for her. Apparently yesterday, the counselors made a deal about it being the last day for sports and rec. I’m sure some kids need daily reminders to transition into the end of something. Selam? Not so much.

On the other hand, she’s really good at beginnings and positive transitions. So, we have that to look forward to!



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