Have you ever had an unpayable debt? I have several, and they all surround Selam.  I can never repay all those that cared for her when she was between families–a time period that lasted 15 months.

So, one of those persons that stepped into the breach is a wonderful volunteer named T.  Not only did T spend three months volunteering at Selam’s orphanage, but she also has worked relentlessly on behalf of kids at that facility and at another similar children’s home in ET. The photos and memories that T shared with me after the fact are priceless to me.

So, her real job is as a social worker for a public elementary school with a very high population of very, very poor families.  Target is doing this thing where they are giving gift cards to schools for every 25 facebook votes.  Her school needs the votes!

If you have a minute, go for it: Goodwin Elementary in Cicero, IL


2 thoughts on “debt

  1. THANK YOU!! I really appreciate every effort and you know it is my pleasure and joy to still be in Miss S’s life. And to your friend- Katherine… very, very likely!

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