So, I finally, finally, finally applied for Selam’s passport today.  I hate the feeling of sending all of her irreplaceable documents flying off into the air.  I want them home with me.

But we aren’t going anywhere.

Everyone has asked–the lady who took the ridiculous pictures at the drugstore, the woman who grumpily processed our application, the ten thousand people that Selam informed about the application today.

We’re not going anywhere.

And the chances of us going someplace in the next 5 years are not great.

But because of circumstances like this and this, I just feel like I need some easily portable paperwork that proves her identity and my relationship to her.  (No, my name won’t be on her passport card, but the same last name, same address, and her card in my wallet should help a lot.  I’m tired of bringing her birth certificate to the airport.  I’m tired of worrying about what would happen if she were unconscious and couldn’t identify me as her mother. I’m tired of telling people that I’m not her foster mother.

So she shall have a passport and, even more useful,a passport card.   I am trying not to be grouchy about having to do this even AFTER a C of C (which is also annoying because I already paid for an adoption, which should suffice).  In a fair world, every child would be issued a state ID, regardless of adoption or biological status. Come to think of it, why aren’t kids asked for ID at the airport? It would be kind of funny to see them offering up their little library cards to get on a plane.

Yeah, this is me not being grouchy.  But it’s also me feeling really good about getting this last thing checked off my list.  yeah, let’s focus on that part.


One thought on “passport

  1. It’s good to have the passport…you never know you could get an invite. A friend invited us out of the country, with help on the costs of the trip and alas, I had no passport for Julia….But I do now…!

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