Tonight, I was racing around trying to get everything for tomorrow done.  I have laundry and housekeeping tonight because we have company coming. (yay!).  After I pick my dad up at camp tomorrow, if he’s feeling up to it (after a week with 10 year olds), we’re headed to the beach, so I opened the deathtrap hall closet where everything falls down on your head because it is doubling as a garage and holding all outdoor toys and equipment  is neatly stacked in search of a spare beach chair for my dad.  After introducing my daughter to a colorful variety of words (that are NOT swear words), I got the chair out and then quickly slammed the door shut so more stuff wouldn’t try to escape.  

I slammed my finger in the door.

Blood spurted EVERYWHERE. My white work shirt looks like I just did surgery. There was a trail of blood all over the floor and blood spray covering the closet door.  Holy cow.  It hurt so bad–it still hurts, though the bleeding has stopped, thankfully.  I could tell Selam was scared and I just couldn’t comfort her because it hurt so bad I could barely speak. 

After the bandaids and the cleanup on aisle two, I got her into bed.  I was tucking her in and she gave me about 10 million kisses.

“That’s because I love you…

but next time you should be more careful.”

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