A few years back a blogger that I like had a new year’s resolution to “suck less.”  With the Ethiopian New Year tomorrow and the Jewish New Year next week and the School New Year last week, it just feels new yearsy to me.  So I am adapting her resolution for myself.  I’m just going with “less.”

I have started a million self-improvement plans.  I’ve set goals of massive exercise plans, eliminating my beloved diet coke, spending my evenings learning a foreign language, etc. etc. I read on the internet of super moms who have plans to pay off their kid’s college before age 12, to buy nothing for a year, to read 300 books.

Yeah, that’s not me.

My goal for the year is “less.”  I just want to keep all my vices but engage in them less often.

I’m not giving up Diet Coke, but I’ll drink it less (like once a day during work days)often.

I’m not giving up driving, but I’ll do it less often.

I’m not giving up computer time, but I’ll do it less often.

So as an example, last week, we ran out of napkins, so I drug out some cloth ones. We used those. Then we ran out of those, so I found a stack of bandanas that I’ve had forever. We’re in the middle of using those. When those run out, well, I’ll do laundry or go buy napkins.  I’m not giving up paper, but I’m going to use it less. (I did look up some cute cloth napkins that I could buy on Etsy and information on pinterest on how I could buy plain ones and tie-dye them with my child. But who am I kidding?  Enough napkins for a week–or two would be pricey, and the day I tie-dye inside my house, well, I’m just not that mom). So, I plan to use cloth each week until I run out, and then use paper until laundry day.  Not perfect, but less.

Maybe after less is none, but probably not.  I think less is less and it is just fine.


5 thoughts on “Less

  1. Less . . . obsession with clean cloth napkins? The beauty of cloth napkins is if you use the same one you used yesterday, it’s only your own dirt (unless you have ribs or something). Craft project with child: make personalized napkin rings with child’s original art and contact paper or even clear packing tape. Change napkins once a week. Otherwise . . . this is a marvelous post! Thanks!

  2. not recently, sadly, but I hope to do it again if some money shakes loose (darn start of school)! It’s not that much more than the laundromat, it’s just that it’s all at once….

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