More Things That Annoy Me (Because Venting is Good for the Soul)

  • That the US passport service sent my daughter’s stuff (who knows what stuff as the passport itself came US mail, but both the card and the documents are still missing) via UPS with a requirement that it be signed for.  Um, UPS is not open on Saturdays for pickup. Um, most people work during the day. I called UPS but to have it delivered to my office costs additional. Annoying. 
  • That our public library is only open for 5 hours between Friday at 5 and Monday at 9.  I sort of feel like weekends and library go together.
  • That our public library has such a small collection of books for the earliest readers.
  • That people on Amazon brag about their 18 month olds finishing books meant for 5 and 6 year olds.
  • That I care.
  • That the online registration system for Girl Scout training never, EVER recognizes my user name and password. And it doesn’t include the girl levels. And you’re supposed to have all that information in the program guide. Which they only allow one person per troop to have.
  • That the online system for the JCC is similarly frustrating, but at least the registrar is very kind and said she’d sign Selam up over email.
  • That my apartment is a disaster area right now because I left out a hole punch which is now Selam’s favorite thing to do.
  • That my daughter wants a Barbie for her birthday. Just STRIP my feminist credentials right away from me.
  • That my kid hates first grade (though she does love her teacher so there’s that).
  • That the school bus drivers may go on strike.
  • That my daughter does not like her red and white checked shirt that is my very favoritest shirt ever for her.
  • That she’s getting so big, and I miss her little self even while celebrating that she’s growing which is, of course, what she’s supposed to do.
  • That one of my cat’s many white hairs ended up traveling to work with me today mixed into my hair, and when I picked it out and commented on it, a student said, “oh, I just assumed that was a grey hair.” Who has 2 inch long grey hairs?
  • That my laptop is grouchy at me and doesn’t like to work with the projector at work anymore.
  • That when I had my choice between desk top and laptop for work I chose desktop.
  • The news.
  • That funny smell in my car.
  • That I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight.

What’s making me less annoyed?

Four day weekend!  While my Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating a new year, the two of us will be having a pretty fun weekend of our own. Selam has a Sunday afternoon playdate, and I have GOT to sort out her closet and pull down her next size of clothes, and church, we’re free and easy.  I am taking her on some sort of a Monday adventure.  The weather is supposed to be nice and we’ll either be going to a an outdoor museum kind of place or a local fair or something like that.  We’ll probably also do a little more beach time this weekend, too. Yippee yay, yay, yay!


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