skinny jeans and sassy dresses

So, I did the big clothing flip today.  I have 6 bags to go to the kid’s consignment.  They usually take half of what I have to sell.  Am I the only one who HATES to let go of her kids’ stuff? I hate it.  I have one tupperware full of special things, and have to keep it to that, but it’s HARD! She’s getting so big, so fast.

So, the handmedowns are mostly cousin handmedowns.  Anything that comes to us from a cousin is instantly awesome. In fact, all I have to do to get her to wear something is tell her it came from her cousins. Unless she knows for a fact that it didn’t, she wears it.

Generally, though, she has a well defined style of her own, and it’s not really my style, so I know it’s hers.  She likes bright colors (so do I), skinny jeans (no thanks), full length leggings, but not capris (nope), sweatsuits with graphic designs on them(extra points for shiny graphics), funky bright dresses (she loves Mini Boden, which we buy only used) skirts that swish and tight T-shirts.  And socks. She loves crazy socks. White socks are only a last resort. If a T shirt is too big, it is worn with a pony tail holder cinching it in.  And the adorable red and white blouse with the big ruffles? Not into it.

There are rules, too. You cannot wear a skirt or pants to church, no matter how cold it is. Church is a dress occasion.  Dresses, however, only rarely go to school. School is skirts and pants.  Saturdays are for knit pants or sweats. Those are the rules, folks.

Favorite outfits of all–

  • a miniboden purple jumper with huge grey polka dots, worn with a hot pink T-shirt, full length grey leggings and whatever the favorite shoes of the year are.
  • cow print skirt with unfinished edges worn with a pink turtleneck and cowboy boots that were intended to be a costume.
  • skinny jeans and a pink striped pullover sweater with fringe on the bottom.
  • cousin hand me down cargo shorts (that I can’t find anywhere else) with green T shirt that has a pink hippo on it.
  • new red twirly skirt (explain to me why skirts can billow out but now shirts) with white fluttery sleeved blouse.

Your kid got a preferred style?


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