I just got a statement indicating how much my insurance was valued at for 2011.  So this is both the cost of the actual insurance (which I don’t pay) and the cost of all the appointments, prescriptions, labs, etc.

I am very, very, very, very lucky.  I pay nothing for my insurance. No employee contribution. No copays except for medications. Other than the medication copay, the only other thing I have to pay for is dental and eyeglasses/contacts.

We are a two person family.

The value of what was covered for us in 2011 exceeds my annual salary.

Feeling both guilty and grateful.

4 thoughts on “grateful

  1. We are a ministerial family of 4 in a denomination that doesn’t provide insurance so we’ve always paid for our own. It’s a lot for not-the-best insurance, but we have insurance. There was a period of 5 years in which one of us had surgery every.single.year. I thought we’d never be rid of medical bills. BUT…we had insurance. And without that insurance, we would’ve been bankrupt. Without that insurance, my rare congenital heart condition never would’ve been discovered because they never would’ve ordered the test for me. We are very, very, very lucky. I am grateful (and support healthcare reform). I’m so very glad you and Selam have what you need.

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