Favorite Posts

I’m trying to collect the better posts (you know the ones not about laundry) into  a page that I’m calling “Favorite Posts” because, you know, I’m creative like that. If there’s anything you’ve read that you like, both of my readers should let me know.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Posts

  1. Here are the ones I remember loving so much that I read them to my husband (who generally does not like to have blog posts read to him): Drip, Shades, Sicky Picky, Climbing (!!!), Proud, It’s Her Turn, At the Beach, When.

    My husband loves Selam, and I do too.

  2. Wine, Women and Song (for obvious reasons). Oh, and pretty much everything else you’ve written here. You could randomly pick posts and stick ’em in the “favorites” folder, and they’d all be awesome. I’m still anxiously awaiting the book.

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