Crowd Source Parenting–birthday edition

So, I think I’m just going to run a series of crowd-source parenting articles. I think I’m a little out of the other parent advice loop since I a) work, b) am much older than other parents. So, hey instead of spacehook for crowd-source parenting, I’ll use my blog, and then both of my readers can chime in.  I guess I’ve been doing this all along. But now it has a name, which makes me a Big Time Blogger.
Okay, birthday party questions (and yes, I’ve already asked you about the birthday party before.  I never said I was organized.)

1) goodie bags–bucket and shovel, mini-frisbee, and bottle of scented bubbles. Am I done?  If I’m not done, can I throw in the extra stuff from previous birthday parties? They are also getting a souvenir cup, which my dad helped me make. Okay, my dad actually made them. But I’m putting the stickers on, and inserting the straws. That does TOO count.

2) snacks for parents. Do I need these? I’ve always done it, but have come home with the majority of the food uneaten.

3) snacks for kids beyond cake and beverage. Do I need these?

4) The nature center is providing a program that is about 45 minutes long. We have cake and beverage, so another 20 minutes or so. But the party time is two hours long. Which things sound the best:

a) take the kids down to the beach to play in the sand.

b) decorate their sand buckets.

c) hang out in the museum

d) play some sort of organized games. If so, what?

5) How many M and Ms do you think I need to make these?

Edited to add: beverages–I think milk goes with cake, but how about apple cider? Or is lemonaid or some other sweet drink the rule of the day? Last year was a pink themed party so we had pink lemonaid.

7 thoughts on “Crowd Source Parenting–birthday edition

  1. 1. Done! As a parent of a 4 year old, this is more than I’d expect or put in a goodie bag. Haven’t had a friend party for my kiddo yet–if we do one in the future, the poor kids who come might be disappointed with me!

    2. Eh–take them or leave them. I don’t recall your time frame. Maybe beverages for the adults?

    3. No need for other snacks, unless you know you have some allergies or weird food aversions to cake.

    4. Any of the above. I kind of like decorate their sand buckets and then head down to the beach if you have time left.

    5. LOTS! But they look really cool. And you could do ‘rainbow fish’ and not have to sort colors. Do you know those books?

    • Yes, we’re doing rainbow fish. I don’t have the patience for color sorting. I’m getting away with murder on the cost of the goodie bags. Perhaps I’m feeling a bit guilty? I think they’re coming out to 1.20 each! This is the advantage of a “summer” theme in october. Thanks for your input!

  2. No parental experience to contribute. Hoewver, regarding those low-cost goodie bags: put the money you didn’t spend into Selam’s savings account and smile all the way to the bank. Frugal is the new fancy!

    And, all that birthdaying sounds fun!

  3. 1) YOU ARE DONE! Don’t feel guilty about the goodie bags at all. I want to invent favors that turn into biodegradable dust after 5 days. The less you give, the more you spare the vacuum cleaners of your friends.
    2) you do not need parent snacks. if you want to offer one thing (bowl of pretzels?) and make sure they have access to water–that gets me thru a party.
    3) Kids don’t need more than cake and bev. Anything else you give them is very generous.
    4) I tend toward the less organized activities…especially if they have something more structured at the beginning. Let them play amongst themselves and give yourself a break! (well, you know, relatively.)

  4. 1. Finished! Look at the buckets and say, “It is good.”
    2. No parent snacks necessary. Being an overachiever myself, I might put out a bowl of carrots, but that’s it. Ditto to the water.
    3. Kids who need more than cake and drink can have carrots (see #2). I’m a fan of the juice box- way easier for you, but lemonade sounds fine to me for your theme.
    a- play in the sand (#1 choice), b- decorate bucket (#2 choice/weather back-up).
    4. Buy the 2-lb bag of M&Ms. Put the leftovers in the freezer. Enjoy at your leisure.

  5. The buckets, etc are plenty! And those cupcakes are too cute!!
    I vote for decorate the buckets, then play in the sand if the weather is O.K. It might be the last chance for the beach this year.

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