So I’m thinking of applying to a writing workshop again, because I like the fun of getting rejected I like to keep people on their toes. The problem is that I have no project.  I don’t want to write a book (on what? being a mom? I think there are a hundred of those out there).  I just want to write.  By far one of the most fun experiences of my life was spending a week writing  with the Uncle Louie people. So I want to do it again.

But I guess having a Project is advisable in the world of getting people to give you money to just go write for a week. The only academic interest I have du jour is ministry with/for families with young children, but since I only read about it and don’t actually do it, that would be a very short book report.  What can I make up to be my project?  Laundry? Snow boots?

Le sigh.  I wish the world weren’t so goal-oriented.  To do a DMin in preaching, you have to have a congregation. What if you just want to be a better preacher? To get into a writing thingy, you most likely need a project. What if you just want to write?

Perhaps I am aimless. Or maybe I just want a liberal arts approach to post-graduate life. I don’t know. But if you can think of something that I can call my project, I’d dig it.



4 thoughts on “What

  1. You used to write a lot about the kids you worked with at camps. And now your write about your life with your child.

    I think you could easily make that sounds like a book project: a memoir by a woman minister whose work with children who have incurable diseases (or whatever) puts her on a spiritual, emotional journey that leads to her sharing her life with a child who (add description). In this book of linked essays, she will explore (whatever) and celebrate (whatever).

  2. I thought that about writing thingies too: that I needed a project. But I am proof-positive that I was wrong about that.(The one I went to last summer had only about three people in it actively working on a book.) So I wrote 20 pages of what might be a project *if* I ever have one. I strongly encourage you to apply. The world needs your voice, even if it is for a workshop.

  3. Have you thought about a series of essays or short stories of your time at camp?? I find your camp stories interesting and you have years of experience. You could include your dad’s experiences as well.

  4. I like Jo(e)’s suggestion. You’ve got half a book already with posts from your blog(s). If you think of a book that is “collected essays,” you could probably come up with a theme that ties together several of those essays. Calling such a thing a “memoir” would let you feel all hip and stuff, plus it might satisfy the need for a “project.”

    And, it seems to me that snowboots, laundry, and life with children would combine to make a great writing project.

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