When I am in charge of the world

  • I am going to make children’s snow boots that expand as they grow. I don’t care if I have to pay 200 dollars upfront. Not having to seek out boots that fit every single year would be my salvation.  And if my kid is outgrowing boots every year, aren’t other kids? Why are they not in the consignment stores?
  • Ditto snow pants.
  • I’m also making kids tap shoes with little felt caps that go over the taps so you can wear them for Sunday School, too.

That’s all. Carry on.


3 thoughts on “When I am in charge of the world

  1. I’ll buy the felt caps for tap shoes when you make them! My daughter who wants to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween is sure she needs to wear her tap shoes for the costume (cause that what the picture looks like). I vetoed that in favor of her black shoes that are cut the same but not nearly as shiny or loud!

    Can’t understand the snow pant dilemma–my 4 year old has had 1 pair of snowpants EVER — worn a bit too big one year, worn just right (more or less) for 2, and if needed could wear them too small this year. However, I bought a new pair last spring on super duper clearance thinking she’d need them this year. They are too big, so we’ll probably get two years out of them too!

    I somehow can’t remember the boot situation other than I know we don’t need them this year as last year Grandma bought her boots that were way too big but we couldn’t return them (per child). They had princesses on them!! They will fit this year.

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