A theology of Preaching by a six year old

To set the scene, the day prior we had discussed the fact that the car was vacuumed out not because Grandma was coming but because I had driven a guest speaker to deliver her lectures on campus and for some reason, thought that a 3 inch thick carpet of goldfish, sand, glitter and donut crumbs (don’t judge me) wouldn’t be the classiest start to her day.

“Mommy, why does the car have to be clean to take a rober?” (remember this is a whole day later, so clearly the clean car thing is a bit shocking).

“Well, when you’re nervous about being a rober, you don’t also want to be nervous about getting goldfish crumbs all over your clothes.”

“Why would you be nervous to be a rober?”

“Most people are a little bit nervous when they are robers or when they talk in front of other people for a speech.”


“Well, you’re nervous you’ll make a mistake, or that people won’t like it, or that you won’t do your very best work.”

“But Mommy, nobody listens to the robers, so they shouldn’t be nervous.”

“Yes, people listen.”

“No, they don’t. They look at their phones and draw pictures on the paper.”

“Well, some people listen.”


“People. Me. I listen to the rober.”

“Not when you ARE the rober.”

“Well, some people listen and I know because they tell me things afterward.”


(20 minutes later)

“I don’t think you should be nervous to be a rober because mostly God is listening and God saw you when you were a naked baby…”

“Well, being a rober is different from just talking to God…mostly you’re telling other people about God.”

“But God listens to all of them, too, so why do they need a rober?”

“Well, to give them ideas, I guess.”

“I think that the robers should just talk to God and let everybody else just listen, like being sneaky-peeky-like*, and then nobody is nervous.”

“I think you have some good ideas, Selam.”

“I do have good ideas. That’s why I’m going to be a rober when I’m big.”

“You are?”

“Yes, but I’m not going to get nervous, so you won’t have to vacuum the car.”


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