Sandy, You’re a Fine Girl, What a

Okay, sorry. I know it’s Mandy. I’m sitting here on the sofa of snuggles and wondering what’s ahead.  I’m wiped out from the preparations yesterday, but the brown eyed alarm clock has us up and….watching horseland on netflix. 

Yesterday was crazy.  I got up early and skipped church (I hate to miss reformation, too) because I was worried about getting it all in.  Because we went to the circus on Saturday, I hadn’t done much of anything.  We were at the grocery story by 8, searching for water, firewood and kitty litter. No water. We got the firewood and kitty litter and a bit of cash.  Then off to a pharmacy where we’d heard at the grocery store that there was water.  Lucky us, there was a big shipment just received, so I got 2 cases for $2.88 each, which is good, I think.  I HATE bottled water.  I have all manner of moral objections to it, but I guess this is when you have to set those aside. 

After a stop at the donut shop (bribery) it was off to the laundromat. I have now discovered what people do when they don’t go to church on Sundays. They are all at the laundromat. It was insanely crowded, and took forever to get laundry done. 

Home meant 6 trips in to get laundry, water, kitty litter, etc. in.  I fed Selam and then spent the afternoon putting away clothes, picking up toys, shoes and miscellany, vacuuming. A last minute panic trip to another drugstore netted some storm treats and crackers.

I began digging out flashlights and batteries.  If you ever need a flashlight, particularly a very small flashlight, I’m your girl.  I think I have 10 small ones. Big flashlights? none. BUT after Irene, I bought this kicking lantern and batteries, so I put that together, and it’s awesome. It should light up a whole room.   After this storm, I think I’m going to get a battery powered radio, thus completing my storm preparation kit!

I also put together a sort of a first aid kit. I have all the stuff. It was just spread out throughout the apartment, and I figured it would be best to have it all accessible.

Sorting out work stuff took a bit of time.  I had a recruiter coming for Monday and Tuesday and 25 students signed up for interviews.  That recruiter wasn’t ready to call it a day on Friday and only called Sunday afternoon to cancel. I had to reach those 25 students in the world’s most inefficient manner.  I forgot to write down all of their email addresses and not all of them use the university one.  So I went back through my email and responded to all of their original applications. Annoying. I should have planned for that one.  In a literally unprecedented move, the University is closed for Monday.  They have literally never done that before in over 250 years. They also aren’t “charging” us vacation days for not working, which is awesome. The poor folks that are stuck on campus feeding, caring for, and keeping secure the undergrads, though…. Selam’s school is closed Monday and Tuesday already.

Cleaning out the fridge and tossing some food/moving other things to the freezer was next.  I froze every ice container that I have, and turned the cold up on the fridge. The plan is to open the freezer once when the power goes, get out my ice packs and then keep it closed for the duration.  I have a cooler for the ice packs and the not-so perishable stuff–fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs, diet coke. I don’t have enough ice access to do much of anything with milk or eggs or yogurt.  Unless the power comes back, I’ll have to toss those, along with butter, cheese and dozens of condiments, again.

I bathed Selam (against her preference), then after dinner, we baked two kinds of cookies.  I let her stay up late watching TV, hoping for a late wake up today (she made it to 7).  I didn’t go so far as to put together a whole evacuation kit, but I did get toiletries and a week’s worth of  medications into a bag by the door.  I figure I could pull together clothes at the last minute. I am not worrying about important documents since most of those are scanned and saved in dropbox.  I figure if I can’t access the internet, I can call family, give them my dropbox password and they can help me. I really should get all of them organized into a folder up in dropbox. Maybe I’ll do that today as long as the power holds. I filled up 9 beach buckets with flush water, took a shower myself and headed to bed.  But I couldn’t sleep.

It’s morning, windy, no rain. Power and cable are plentiful. I think I’m going to go make some scrambled eggs with the remaining eggs and milk. 

Our entertainment plan for the storm includes reading Junie B Jones books, doing arts and crafts projects, possibly playing with the 2 year old upstairs, drawing, eating junk food, and annoying mommy.  for me, I have 2 library books, an awesome loaner book from my parents, and a pile of papers to sort out.  Okay, go ahead, laugh with me about how likely it is that I’m going to be allowed to do anything other than play with Selam.

I’d like to think that everything was just over-reaction, but I remain wary. 

This is the most boring post in the world. But I’m nervous, so I’m writing. We’ve moved on to the Fairies and styling mommy’s hair. 

And wiggling her tooth.

Selam has a loose tooth and she is just so excited!

2 thoughts on “Sandy, You’re a Fine Girl, What a

  1. Hoping all continues uneventful and safe for you and Selam. Lots of wind and rain here in Western New York (where I now live!) but they are not anticipating anything but scattered power outages. I do have the rudimentary emergency supplies though.

  2. Hi Susan – I’m a new reader to your blog. I also wondered what people do on Sundays if they’re not at church. I’d probably get bored. I hope you guys are all safe!

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