Snow Pants

The announcement came at 6:15 a.m. Schools were on a 2 hour delay.  Selam was elated. While we putzed around the apartment, I got down her boots from last year to see if any of them still fit.  She claimed that 3 of the pairs still fit, though I really have my doubts. I think they are just cute. I have been known to wear ill fitting shoes because they are cute, so I understand.

Understanding and condoning are two different things.

We also got out her snow pants.  I knew they’d be too short. She grew 3 pant sizes last year. They were snow capris, but they fit around her middle. She really, really wanted to wear them to school. She was sure that she would be rolling in the snow with her playmates.

So she did. She wore her jeans with the snowpants, her snowboots, with fashion boots in her backpack, a hat, a coat and mittens. She was ready. I suggested that she might have overdone it. It snowed, but it was not a tundra. No dice.

As we walked into the building, she started commenting that nobody else wore snowpants.  “It’s okay. I’ll just take them home.” I told her.

She wouldn’t go in the door to her room until the pants were gone. When we finally got in, a boy said, “that’s a baby hat.” (it totally isn’t). 

I carried the snow pants into the apartment at the end of the day.  I told her to please put them away in the drawer with the mittens and gloves and hats.

Before dinner, I discovered the snowpants and the hat hidden in the pots and pans cabinet.

I hate first grade sometimes.


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