Selam is very interested in “reduce, reuse, recycle” these days.  This is a good thing.  Here are some of the ways we’ve been living that out in our place.

  • cloth napkins.  These have been a huge success.  Not only are we not spending money on the paper version, but also she used to drop two or three on the floor each meal without me noticing. Now I notice.  At first we used bandanas and some old stained cloth napkins.  Eventually, I bought some children’s sizes online from Etsy.  I didn’t buy this particular pack, but I did buy from this seller.  What has helped with having these is that they are small. They don’t take up much room at all. And they are cute. And I bought a variety of patterns.  She uses the same napkin for breakfast and then supper and then if it’s not disgusting uses it to wipe down her place after supper. It’s a win (and it also saves room in the cabinet!)
  • Laptop lunch.  Many thanks to Susan for this idea.  Selam loves hers for those rare days when she needs a lunch.  In between, we use them for snacks for car trips. Extra benefit: she hasn’t lost it yet because she’s the only kid with one.
  • baby socks (and holy socks) instead of paper towels for cleaning.
  • Lunchskins for home snacks.  Selam just loves her snacks in little individual pouches. Apparently pouring a snack into a bowl makes it useless.  But if you put that same snack in a cute zippie, it’s cool again.  We had the lunchskins from earlier when I used those for her lunch.
  • old letterhead for drawing paper.

Okay, okay, so we’re not the greenest team in town, but we’re getting there. And Selam has been at the front of all of these changes.  We’re still working on our holdouts–individual drink boxes/bottles.  Selam only uses them for field trip days, so that’s not too bad, but me and my seltzer/DC habit….

How are you being green these days?

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