the imminent demise of igoogle

Since September at least, if not earlier than that, I get a message every time I log in to read email. Igoogle, it appears, will no longer be available as of November 2013. 

Now, I like igoogle. It’s handy to have my email and blogs and calendar and calculator and weather all in one place. 

But I think I could cope with its loss. I’m not sure that I need 15 months to prepare for it.  A month, that would be nice. 

Yesterday I got a letter informing me that once agin, my doctor has left me. I’ve been in this medical practice for 9 and a half years, and I think this is the 5th time my doctor has left the practice. The funny thing is, none of the other doctors seem to leave–just mine. I’m thinking of offering to leave the practice just to improve their retention. 

I’m not close to my doctor. In fact, I can never remember if her name is Elizabeth or Margaret. But if I were, I can imagine that receiving a letter telling me that my MD was leaving in 2 weeks time would be distressing. 

Fortunately, I’m not distressed, which is good, because it means I can concentrate on making the next 11 months with igoogle truly meaningful. 


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