What We’re Up To

What we’re up to:

  • Holiday events.  This week was the Advent Service and the Holiday Open House–both of which are formalish events.  Selam blows my mind at how comfortable she is in adult settings. She was the only child at today’s open house.  I suspect she wasn’t actually invited. But boy does she hold her own. She flitted and flirted all afternoon. Next week is a family party with some folks that I don’t actually know very well. There will be a lot of kids there. It might be a harder sell.
  • Not sleeping. We are on a five day roll of not wanting to fall asleep. Le sigh.
  • Growing. The pants that were new in September are already too short.
  • Reading. She reads everything. Signs. Hymns. What she can’t read, she makes up—and refuses to admit to, which is a little bit hilarious at times.

2 thoughts on “What We’re Up To

  1. The holiday events are overwhelming around here + a December birthday (which I know you understand). I haven’t been home at night since Friday and don’t anticipate being able to do so until next Sunday!

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