princess tragedy

I am a very lucky woman. My sister saved a LOT of her girls’ fancy dresses. Consequently, this year, it wasn’t a matter of looking for a holiday dress, but more of spreading out the many holiday dresses that have been passed to us. Even with passing on the one that was too light weight for outside of California (we’re saving it for March), we still have 4 fancy dresses, plus a more casual but decidedly Christmasy dress and a Santa skirt–oh, and a pair of red and white striped tights AND a pair of red and white striped leggings.

The only thing Selam needed for her (admittedly over-scheduled) holiday season was a pair of dress shoes.  She’d outgrown hers sometime this summer, but I was able to stretch it to winter without replacing them by wearing her pink Mary-Janes (school shoes) to church. But pink wouldn’t go with any of these, her pink shoes are getting a bit scuffed and worn, and besides, a church-going girl needs a pair of dressy shoes.

She saw a pair that she loved in Target. They didn’t have her size, so I ordered her size. They arrived and she swore them to be perfect, wonderful, awesome.  They come complete with a little heel–maybe a half or three-quarter of an inch.  She is in love.

She wore them to church. When I picked her up from Sunday School, they were off and I had to beg her to wear them to the car. She wore them to Advent service and she took them off early in the service because they hurt. She wore them to church again, and I had to carry her to the car. She wore them finally to the Holiday Open House where she charmed people by introducing herself, twirling in her dress to show off its many features and announcing that her shoes hurt. She cried when we walked from the party to the car.

Clearly, the shoes won’t do. And though I hate to waste money on new shoes, this can’t continue. The Tgt shoes are made of plastic. They hurt. Game over.

So today, I looked around online and bought two pairs of suitable shoes online from Zppos. They will arrive this week, she’ll try them on, pick a pair and I will return the other pair. When she was sad tonight (about the injustice of a world where one has to count by twos), I showed her pictures of the two pairs of shoes, thinking it would make her happy.  I looked long and hard for these–each has something glittery or shiny attached to it. These are not plain jane shoes.

She cried.

She doesn’t want to wear the Tget shoes anymore because they hurt so much, but she wants high heel shoes. “I’m never ever going to wear high heels again?” she cried. “And I am never wearing black boots either!”  (Her favorite black boots are outgrown and though she wants a new pair, I don’t plan to get her any, since she has other boots. Besides, these boots came from an outlet and cost approximately 12 cents which means they are not to be found anywhere else in the near future.)

Later, she put on a little drama with her Barbie doll, and her Barbie’s best friend who is Tinkerbell, only she’s not Tinkerbell when she’s Barbie’s best friend. We are to ignore the wings at that time. The name of the play was “the girl who never got to wear high heels ever again.” Then she decided to write a story–about a girl whose high heels hurt her and so she had to wear other shoes and it made her cry and cry and cry.

Just now, she was talking in her sleep. I went in there, and she woke up, sat up in her bed and said, “I don’t think those shoes really hurt me anymore. I grew.” Then she fell right back asleep.

I just added another dollar to her therapy fund.

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