All the cool kids

are posting their top posts of 2012. I suppose I could do it, too. There are allegedly 500 some readers of the blog, but only a dozen or so commenters (I do love each of you dearly. Hi, Mom. ). How is 500 readers even possible, unless a bunch of people are on my twitter feed that I don’t know about?  Allegedly, there are readers from 26 countries, too. I suspect most of them got here by googling “Sunday School shoes” which is one of my top search terms.

Anyway, these readers  apparently read these posts the most often this year (not counting the “about me” “favorite posts” and “FAQs about our adoption” pages, which came in at numbers 1,2, and 9–but I took those out of the running because that’s kind of like the table of contents and author bio pages in a book). So, dear readers, whoever you are, thanks for reading!

#8: 26.29, my thoughts on Sandy Hook Day

#7: Wear in which I ponder dressing Selam for Pajama Day at school.

#6: The Day I Met Her–one of my first posts,from 2009 but apparently popular in the reruns work, too.

#5: Again–my thoughts after Gabby Douglas’ win.

#4: How I would fix my daughter’s school–my unrealistic thoughts about fixing my kid’s school.

#3: Safe–the story of the day my daughter got lost in our own building.

#2:  Scrub— the story of the day after Sandy Hook.

#1: Where my Mother Is–just another interracial family day at the zoo.

Oddly enough, my favorite post of the year didn’t make the list. That was Colorado and Connecticut, in which I think about an awesome day that happened to coincide with the horror in Colorado. I’m not sure if I like that post because I loved that day or because when I wrote it back when I never thought that people would use my state’s name in reference to a tragic shooting.

So that’s the year in review. Or the year as reviewed. Or, well, whatever. Thanks for reading, all of you.


5 thoughts on “All the cool kids

  1. Hi there! *waves* I’ve been reading forever, but probably haven’t commented… I have zero experience with kids, so not much to contribute, but I love the Selam stories and seeing how you’re finding your way through the world together.

  2. i still have a picture of selam on my kitchen cabinet — from when you went to take her home, enclosed in a joyous announcement later. my husband loved the photo so much that he tried to talk me into adopting, because we both miss little kids, because ours went and grew up. i just told my daughter the story about selam and the bear-proof cans at yosemite — which she thinks is sooo cute! we’re living the love, vicariously.


  3. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. I really don’t remember how I found it. I’ll try to comment more. I loved your zoo story. My brother is African American, adopted into my family when he was four. I often had to explain him when we were young. Now I hang out often with his daughter who looks very “ethnic” too. Families come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Thanks for commenting! I’d love to hear more about how things have changed–or not–in multi-racial families. I’m sure you have some perspective on that.

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