the girl

I did the girl scout spiel on Saturday.  Seriously, when will I learn to ask more questions before agreeing to speak?  I figured a Saturday event would be casual.  I pulled out some cords and a jacket and thought I looked nice enough.

Everyone was in uniform.

Adult girl scout uniforms are navy blue–either a sweater set or a navy blazer with scarf.

I was wearing fuschia.

I also thought it would be casual in style.

Oh no, it was powerpoints, everyone facing the front formal.

Oh well.

It worked out. The response was extremely positive, but I think a good bit of that was responding to a change of pace. And they felt bad for fuschia girl.

Anyway, Selam spent the forty minutes or so, sitting in the kitchen of this fellowship hall, watching a movie. When I was done I went back there to gather her up, and that’s where people came back to say thank you and goodbye. Folks were doing the nice stuff “you were so great,” that one does when someone has done something for you.

Selam watched all of this with some curiosity. She walked over, tapped one of the women on the arm.

“Why are you saying that my mommy is a good talker?”

“Oh, well, she did a good job. You should be proud of her.”

“I am proud of her. But she talks every day.”


4 thoughts on “the girl

  1. Oh, what a wonderful girl you have.

    I’m rather surprised that the council people didn’t clue you in on the nature of the event. But I also can’t imagine that the work you were doing would have been improved with powerpoint. They needed to hear you speaking from your heart to theirs.

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