Basektball game highlights

a) Selam got to learn a new vocabulary when a creep in the parking lot cussed me out. He claimed I stole his parking space. I really did not see him waiting.

b) early in the first half, I explained to the friend about the different positions that the team members were playing. “What position would you like to play, little girl, offense or defense?” “cheerleader.”

c) second half: “Selam what would be the most fun to be–a player or in the band or a cheerleader?” “Cheerleader.” “Why?” “Well, it would be the most fun to play the game or play the trumpet, but only if I could wear the cheerleader outfit.” 


d) Both girls spent much of the game trying to get the band’s attention. Selam luuuuuuuuuurves the band. But, you know, they don’t have a skirts…..

d) After the game, while getting autographs from the players, “I like your hair.” “I like your sneakers.” “Thank you.” “Do you want to see my wiggly tooth?”


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