Athletic/Outdoorsy Adventure #1-check!

Selam is in the bathtub, singing away, and trying to soak some of the chill from her bones.  We went ice-skating today and it was a huge hit! 

I wasn’t sure how she’d like it.  I know she’s always simultaneously up for and apprehensive of new experiences.  In the car on the way there, she started to run through all the things that could happen. I reminded her that we could watch for a while and then decide if she wanted to try it.  

Once we got there, though, she was all in.  We rented skates and one of those little walker thingies for kids and were off. She fell in the first 30 seconds. And kept falling. Over and over and over again. Every fall, she popped right back up. “I’m okay!”  She smiled the whole time, and the only pout was when they kicked us off the rink at closing time.  

She’s going to be sore tomorrow, but we’ll be back, I’m sure. 

It’s funny to me how there is this whole other set of athletic skills that nobody tells you that you need as a parent.  I know how to ice skate.  I don’t know how to ice skate really slowly in order to help her.  For some reason going slowly is really hard for me.  I also wish I knew how to skate backwards.  I know how to go backwards on roller skates, but not ice skates.  Maybe I could figure it out if I go with another adult to watch Selam.

 I’m really glad that we did this today and plan on taking her back a couple times a year.  I saw a lot of older kids totally having meltdowns on the ice today–kids that were 10 and 11. They were too big to use the little walkers and were embarrassed and scared, and generally took that out on their mothers.  There was one girl, maybe 13 or so, who wiped out and refused to try anymore and two of the skate guards had to pull her off the ice.  I don’t want Selam to feel that way, or to miss out on fun stuff like skating parties because she doesn’t know how and is scared. Actually, though, it’s unlikely to happen that way, anyway. She just goes with the flow.  

So I’m 25% in to my goal of 4 new sports or outdoor adventures with Selam.  If we get some good snow, we hope to go snow shoeing.  Our friend has spare snow shoes in kid size for Selam (and a set for herself and her son).  I’d be the only who would have to rent.  I hope it snows soon so snow shoeing can be our second sport!  


We had overpriced hot dogs afterwards (and gross ones, too at that).  I asked her if she wanted to try skating again.  



One thought on “Athletic/Outdoorsy Adventure #1-check!

  1. Mea went ice skating for the first time last Saturday. She had a really good time, and by then end she was skating circles around our friend that took her. It is amazing to me at times how quickly she picks things up.

    When we were kids, our Mom wanted to be able to not only take us to skating parties at the roller rink, but to be on skates as well. She didn’t know how to roller skate. She took lessons with little kids until she had it mastered. Never a great skater, but always one of the only parents who dared to put a pair of skates on.

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