• Selam has a cold, and a bit of a fever. This is the second night of the fever, but it’s always better in the morning. At least she fell asleep easily tonight. Last night she was up forever. I find the “in between” things hard. Is she sick or not? Does it count or not?  She almost always rallies in the morning.
  • Preached today. It wasn’t as good as I had wanted. I really spent a LOT of time on this one. I think I spent too much time.  I hate not doing my very best. Correction: I hate when my best shot isn’t as good as I want it to be. Oh well.
  • Selam’s reading skills are really taking off. It’s so exciting. But for some reason, writing and math are still kicking her.  I understand math and reading being different skill sets, but I don’t understand the reading/writing thing.
  • Selam has sold nearly 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. …less than last year, but still a decent number. She’s pretty cute at it.
  • Oh, we got to do arts activity number one for the year: Art Museum.  While we’ve been to the British Art museum before, yesterday Selam went to the regular art museum with a friend. She liked it so much that when I came to pick her up, she wanted to show me all her favorite exhibits (she likes sculpture the best). So, now we’re 1/4 for the sports/outdoorsy category, and 1/4 for arts. Not bad for January.
  • Downton abbey, downton abbey, oh how I’m digging downton abbey
  • I found very cheap ice-skating lessons for Selam. I hope to sign her up.  Just 6 weeks, but I think she can learn the basics in that amount of time. She is SO excited! 

2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Feels like how you have to take dead leaves off a plant so energy goes into heathly leaves. I think doing the sermon for the first time post selam is the accomplishment… and you are nailing so much else… it’s all a celebration of whre we are now…

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