block it

So Anna Carter Florence does this thing where she blocks out scenes from the Bible to figure out stuff about the text. Or something like that. Anyway, while I was working on the stinky sermon, I thought, “maybe I should block this out. maybe there’s something i can’t see without blocking it.”

Except I don’t have a room full of people.

Because I live in an apartment.

With one cat.

One kid.

One me.

And a whole lot of stuffed animals.

Can you see where this is leading?

Yes, I blocked out the Bible story of the woman with the hemorrhage and Jairus’ daughter with stuffies.

Jesus was a panda bear with lilac scented beads in him. 

Jairus was a lion.

The woman was a unicorn. pink.

Jairus’ daughter was a Barbie doll.

The crowds were a collection of small stuffed animals that go in a little veterinarian toy.

Peter, James and John were a horse, a dog and a cat respectively.

For a brief moment, I considered bringing all of them in for the sermon.

But the lion and the dog already had other plans, so it didn’t work out.



2 thoughts on “block it

  1. I would like to see a reenactment, with photos. Did you have to nametag everyone so you could remember who they were supposed to be? 😉

    I hope your sermon went well.

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