oh well

I was going to put in an application for the groovy writing week that always rejects me. But life happened, and time got away from me. And now it’s due on Monday and I have nada.

In the past, I’ve worked really hard on an application, and been rejected.  What do you think?  I throw something together tonight and tomorrow night (no daytime hours left), I’m sure I could pull together 2000 words.  It wouldn’t be good, but it’s worth a try.

I’m thinking of using either the Defeating the Night piece or Grey as scaffolding for something else. Actually maybe 26.29.  All of that week sort of blends together for me. Of course most people are writing about Sandy Hook, so….rats.

I’m pretty mad at myself for letting this get away from me.

Right now, I’m perched on my sofa. Selam and I are cleaning like crazy, just because it got so bad in here. I’ve done the classic thing where I’ve scrubbed the floors and they aren’t dry, and now I’m perched here waiting for them to be.  Next up: bathroom and kitchen.  I’m going to let the bedrooms go for now. 

I love the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Selam said, “this is like the olden times, Mommy” when she saw me scrubbing the floor on hands and knees.

I prefer the olden times of a few years back when I had a housecleaner. I loved walking in the apartment every 2 weeks to the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap. 

Well, off to the bathroom project.  I’ll have to mull words while the rest of the day goes on. Maybe I’ll pull it off. Maybe I won’t.

Selam is really excited about using the squirty bottle  to clean the tub (before you judge me, it’s Mrs. Meyers, and she is a volunteer.)


6 thoughts on “oh well

  1. I would love to have the money to hire a house cleaner, but it’s probably not something that will happen in my lifetime. At the same time, I remember quite vividly my Aunt scurrying around her house trying to get her house “clean” before her cleaner showed up. Always struck me as a bit amusing.

    • it was good while it lasted. But it’s not going to happen again for a long, long time. Now that Selam can either entertain herself or help with cleaning, it’s not nearly so bad as it was when she was 3. That was exhausting.

  2. After not having a housecleaner for the last couple of years, I am about to have one again…for a while anyway while I assess the impact on the budge. Looking forward to coming home to the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap and Mrs. Meyer’s.

    When my youngest was about Selam’s age, her best friend used to come over and beg to scrub our toilets. Seems her mom wouldn’t let her clean, and she was jealous that megan “got to” –megan’s words “had to”.

    As for the writing….just go for it!!

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