Selam’s letter to the Boy Scouts

Selam saw me reading an article online lately about the Boy Scouts, who were thinking of rescinding their decision banning gay young people from the organization and banning gay and lesbian parents from assisting with their son’s troop. She’s always fascinated with what’s on my computer, and since this had a picture of kids, she was in to it. 

Her primary frustration with this policy (seeing as she’s 6 years old) is two-fold: 

1) her friend P has 2 mommies and they are both nice, and so it’s not fair to say no to them when they are both nice and they have a swing set. (clearly a swingset would be an important facet of boy scouting)

2) she wants to buy popcorn. She really likes popcorn, and when the Boy Scouts were selling it in the grocery store, I wouldn’t buy it, and I told her that I wouldn’t buy it because the organization discriminates, which resulted in a long conversation about what discriminates means, which led us back to her buddy P with the two nice moms and the swingset. 

So when I was looking at the article, she wanted to know more, and I told her that they wanted people to call in and say they supported or didn’t support the proposed change. Since she doesn’t have a phone, she wrote a letter, which we mailed to their office.  

I am an idiot, and did not take a picture of it, but it went something like this (once translated, and I did print out a translation from first grade to SWE at the end)

Dear Boy Scouts, 

You should change the rules so that P*r can be a Boy Scout. Because his mommies are nice and pretty. And then I can buy popcorn. And it’s not fair that P* can buy cookies but I can’t buy popcorn. And It’s not fair that P’s mommies are nice and pretty and they can’t help boy scouts. 



A girl scout. (or it might have said a daisy scout)

Come to think of it, since CLEARLY they did not read Selam’s first letter, (they are postponing their decision)I may let her write another one.  No time like first grade to begin one’s political life. 


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