Selam came home with a list of kids in her class. She is supposed to make a valentine for each. Since all her class can talk about this year is who loves who, this is a tall order. It’s hard to pick out just the right card that says “I’m really cool” while not also saying, “I want to kiss you.”  She is living in fear of the valentine from a boy in her class who has reportedly said that he is in love with her and wants to marry her.

She’s not interested.

He reportedly smells like cheerios. 

Hey, everyone has a standard to uphold.


2 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. this is cute! and an art project opportunity, should she be ready for that!

    what i like about classroom valentine exchanges is that they are a good chance for every kid to feel liked. and a chance for every kid to practice kindness, even if they have some qualms about a classmate. (such as cheerio-breath, which is the most adorable complaint about a potential suitor evah, no?)

    i think the goal is to make all the valentines equitable, but a little special something might be added for individuals. so — you cannot give a tiny plain card saying “i won’t marry you, get lost” to sir cheerios, while giving some big lacy sparkly production to the rest of the class. but, suppose a friend really really likes cats (or seahorses; etc.) — it wouldn’t make anyone else feel bad to add a little sticker or drawing to that effect.

    — ms. manners

  2. This is a very American tradition! We have Valentine’s day in Australia, but kids don’t come along for the ride.

    I think you’ve mentioned before that you read Kristin Howerton at Rage Against the Minivan, but just in case you don’t, she has what looks like a very easy Valentine’s Day card system for her kids. Might be worth checking out in case you need ideas.

    Hope Selam isn’t confronted with advances from Cheerio boy on the day!

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