A good and holy Lent

So, Lent starts tomorrow.  I’m a little bummed not to be gathering with our church friends for a pancake dinner tonight, but it’s not going to happen.  My car is free from the snow now–yes!, but I’m not willing to surrender my parking space yet, and I don’t think I can manage to get back into my space–or any space–in the dark.  Tomorrow night’s Ash Wednesday service is out, too–especially since it’s supposed to snow again.  I hope to find a daylight service tomorrow. We’re definitely going to be out of the apartment tomorrow. We have to. It’s a toss-up as to which exciting activity we will take on–laundromat or grocery store.

But the question remains as to what we are giving up for Lent–or taking on.  Last year we gave up restaurants, which was actually a really good project for us.  We were all set to do that again this year, but honestly, after five straight days in the house, with number 6 on the horizon, this is sounding much less appealing. Of course, Lent is not supposed to be appealing.


Anyone have ideas for something we can do together?or maybe I should just suck it up?




7 thoughts on “A good and holy Lent

  1. I am giving up baking. And, all dairy, all sugars, and all grains (even the non-gluten ones) because these things seem to have crept back into my diet again in the form of tortilla chips and ice cream.

  2. Well, we’re actually going to give up vending machines. We both (me especially) tend to want things from machines. For me, it’s Diet Coke, for Selam, it’s a snack. We don’t NEED either (especially if I think ahead regarding snacks for her), so it will be a good and reasonable discipline to do. I’m also giving up the candy bowl at work (no small thing). We’re going to do some random acts of kindness, too, but not as part of Lent, just because.

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