How to dig out a car in seven easy steps.

Tools needed:

1) shovel,

1) beach bucket with shovel,

1) pocket with money in it,

1) outgoing child. 

Step one: Shovel. Shovel some more. Keep Shoveling. Have small child in bright pink coat sit on the hood so you can see her. Let her dig with her little beach bucket and chat up all the passers by.  Keep shoveling.

Step two: Neighbors lend you a better shovel and go inside.

Step three: Keep shoveling. Child keep chatting up strangers.

Step four: Stranger offers to help because he missed church that day. Stranger gets back of the car free while you keep digging out the side. 

Step four: Go inside for a day. Skip the freezing rain thing.

Step five: Go back out and shovel. Let small child use your shovel so you can use neighbor’s shovel. Not quite as cute as the beach bucket, but since your shovel is a car shovel and quite small, still looks cute, although it also looks a little bit like child labor.  Snow is wetter and yuckier, but actually easier to move. Make progress on digging the area behind the car out.

Step six: Guy hired to plow out your apartment building has a break while his boss goes to pick up heavier equipment. He offers to help shovel. In five minutes of mind-blowingly fast labor, the front of your car is free. You give him 20 dollars, return the shovel, pull the car out of the spot and back in again.

Step seven: bake brownies. Fire up computer. Begin searching for apartments with off-street parking. Image

The end.



2 thoughts on “How to dig out a car in seven easy steps.

    • I already blew that one! When I got back from a mere 90 minutes away in the middle of the day, someone took my good spot. So then I had to park in someone else’s spot and felt awful about it. (plus their spot wasn’t as nice as mine.)

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