An ugly day

So, I have had a killer headache for two weeks. Then on Saturday night, I got this weird bump on my forehead. By Sunday, there were two bumps. By Monday, there was also a bump on my eyebrow. These suckers HURT. Then this morning, two more on my forehead. Selam said, “would it hurt your feelings if I said the bumps are kind of ugly.”

I called the doctor, went in and shingles.


So I am supposed to avoid anyone who hasn’t had chicken pox, or the chicken pox vaccine.

Yippee yay. Have I mentioned I’m a girl scout leader?

Just to kick it up a notch, a month ago, they ran a titer of Selam’s blood, to check to see if she had measles as an infant (long story). Anyway, the results of the titer were that not only did she not have measles as an infant, she also shows no evidence of having had the vaccines. twice. (Once in Ethiopia, once here), and we don’t know if she is just resistant to Measles, or if she’s resistant to all vaccines.

Yippee Yay.

Have you met my daughter? Miss touchy, snuggly, touch mommy at all times? So basically, she has been exposed to chicken pox. I guess we’ll know in 10 days if the vaccine worked.

Yippee Yay.

I can’t figure out what to do about Girl Scouts on Thursday.

Or preaching on Sunday.

I feel like preaching is more safe than scouts, since they are adults who can be expected not to touch me. (Sermon is already written).

I am worried about the shingles getting into my eye. Ew. 

So, anyway, since today was a vacation day and all, I started to work on cleaning out my closet, which were/are really, really really bad. I got about half done before I was just totally zonked. So now I have a half cleaned closet (am I the only one for whom cleaning a closet involves creating huge piles of mess all over the room?)

So I decided to go get Selam at after school program. In order to do that, I tried to grab my phone, keys and wallet.

Can’t find phone.

Look everywhere.

No phone.

Get my work cell phone (which is being turned off any minute, but miraculously still works), call myself.

I can hear the buzzing but can’t locate it.

Call again.

I keep walking around, looking for the source of the buzz.

When I’m in the kitchen, it sounds like it’s in the kitchen, but I can’t quite find it.

Living room, same thing.

Yes, I called myself 8 times.



Everywhere I went the buzzing was close by but I couldn’t find the phone.

How is this possible, that in every. single. room. the phone sounds close but not quite there.

It was in my hoody pocket.

Tomorrow will be a better day.




16 thoughts on “An ugly day

  1. So sorry about the shingles. I have heard that they are wickedly painful.

    Mea had the chicken pox vaccine, but when she was exposed to shingles, by a little friend at daycare, she did get a slight case of chicken pox. Maybe 15-20 spots total.

    It wasn’t bad except for the while waiting for them to all scab over so she wasn’t contagious anymore.

    I hope you get better quickly and that your darling girl misses them altogether.

  2. Ugh. I’m so sorry, especially about laughing out loud at the bit about the phone being in your pocket the whole time. But I only did that in a moment of rueful self-recognition, I promise.

    I hope Selam doesn’t get the chicken pox, but in case she does… There was no vaccine for chicken pox when I was a kid, and of course I got them in sixth grade, was itchy and miserable for 3 weeks, and since then I’ve been fine. (knock, knock)

    Oatmeal baths. What was that stuff? Calamine lotion? Aveeno? I can’t quite remember, but I’m sure Selam’s doctor will know if it comes up. Good luck.

    • I had them in kindergarten. Not all that awful, but it’s a lot of time out of school! And I also feel that if you’ve suffered through the vaccine, you shouldn’t get the disease. It’s only fair!

  3. Oh no! Hope you heal quickly. Politica had shingles a few years ago and it was very unpleasant.

    On the Girl Scout front: cancel the meeting. It’s hard to run a meeting when you’re in pain anyway.

    • I’m trying to get a sub. My coleader was supposed to run it, but she’s in El Salvador right now and I can’t reach her. She won’t be back and awake until day of the meeting. Not supposed to run with just one leader, but she might be able to if none of the parents will step up.

  4. Sorry to hear about the shingles and the phone (something I would do). It sounds like you need some serious nappage! Lots of rest and TLC. Not a Girl Scout meeting. I have had shingles twice — even though we YOUNG, healthy people are not supposed to get them (once was in college). I hope you feel better soon. In the mean time, please baby yourself a little and take it easy. You deserve it!

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