Bad News Good News Let’s do the Shingles Shake

Okay, so it’s a crazy week, huh. The shingles drama has continued on.  Yesterday, I thought I had it in my eye, which can be serious if not treated–something I was told approximately 20 times at the doctor’s on Tuesday. So, when I woke up with my eye swollen to a small slit, and constantly tearing, I high tailed it to the opthamologist’s office.  The good news is that it’s not in my eye. The bad news is that my eye is still swollen like crazy. Apparently it’s in my eyelid, which is annoying and painful but not vision-threatening.

I’m getting better, though.  I feel better today.  I finally gave in and filled a script for stronger pain killers and got a decent sleep last night, which helps.  My face still hurts like crazy, but it’s not as bad, and the lesions are starting to look slightly better, although Selam still says I look disgusting, and I can’t disagree.

I got a mom to substitute for Girl Scouts, but I’m still going to preach on Sunday.  I might not be contagious by then (we’ll see) but either way, I am going to cover the worst of the lesions with a giant bandaid, so I won’t be able to touch my goobers either way.  I’ve named them. The one on my eyebrow, the one I hate the most–her name is Bertha. The giant one on my forehead is Fred, and the little one on my forehead is Bob. The ones in my hair, they get no names, because they’re all undercover. My advice to you? If you ever get shingles, argue long and hard for not getting it on your face and scalp–too dang many nerve endings there.  But if it happens, get yourself some bangs.

I miss Selam.  I’ve had her at after school all week. I drop her off at the playground for school instead of walking in with her.  I pick her up at the back door of the JCC, instead of coming in and talking with her teacher.  I missed Girl Scouts, too, my one thing I do with her and her buds. Tomorrow, she has a church thing for 3 hours, and then ice skating….all good because they keep her busy and happy, but I miss her.  She’s been such a good girl through all of this week.

But in good news, I got another small writing project, and it will pay more money that I can add to the furniture fund.  Yay! The writing project itself is a little intimidating, because there isn’t a lot of guidance, other than the theme and the number of words, but it will be good to do, and fun, I think. And it will also get me my furniture a little bit faster!

Since I’ve been trapped at home for a couple days, I’ve been obsessing about the furniture project a bit. So I think I’ve settled on the IKEA furniture.  I think the ability to replace the covers, if I change my mind, or if my cat decides to redecorate with his claws is sort of a deal maker for me.

So, here’s the dilemma.

My current living room furniture that I’m keeping:

  • 2 side tables and a coffee table in light oak, sort of traditional looking, I guess.
  • a light oak trunk that my dad made me, that I use as a TV stand.
  • 2 fake light oak bookcases–IKEA. One of them is in awful shape and should be replaced, but that’s a project for another day or paycheck.
  • a card catalog, scavenged from the library
  • a church pew with a bright blue cushion, scavenged from the chapel
  • dark blue curtains
  • beige rug (but that could go in my bedroom,  I’m not attached to it being in the living room)

I also have kind of a canoe theme going on. There is a half-canoe wall hanging that is green and light oak, and both of my old canoe paddles are hung over the doorways. With the current sofa/love seats, there is a sort of a lodgey feeling going on, I guess. A lodge with a card catalog and a pew. Okay, so I’m a mess. There are some accent pieces in forest green, along with some in blue. I think, other than the canoe wall hanging with its green, I can and will part with the other green things (or paint them).

Anyway, there are two potential sofas from IKEA. Both have machine washable, replacable covers. This one has a cover that I really love, but I’m worried that the overall design of the sofa is too modern for the other more traditional looking stuff in the living room. I can’t afford to change more, and I do like the coffee table/end tables that I have.  What do you think?


Next up for consideration are two sofas that are both the same style–both are much more traditional in look. There is the blue and white stripe one, which would definitely go with the “this is a blue room” theme, or the grey, which would move us into a whole new world of “this room is blue and grey”
ektorp-loveseat__0096938_PE237100_S4 ektorp-loveseat__0112103_PE263493_S4
So, what do you think?  (I’m having a hard time formatting things so they all go in the right place here)
I’m also sort of thinking of getting two love seats instead of one sofa and chair. My parents had a living room set up with two loveseats facing each other when I was growing up, and I kind of want to do that again.  But would it be weird if the only furniture in the room to sit on was two matching loveseats?  (My parent’s living room is very long and  also had a sofa and a couple of chairs–totally different scenario). I could also just get a sofa or loveseat and maybe get a chair elsewhere later.
The first step is to get the tax refund and pay for summer camp, then the next step is to get rid of the old furniture. I’m happy to use beach furniture for a month, just to get these ugly things out of here. Every time the cat jumps on the loveseat, I have to re–arrange the text books holding it up.

4 thoughts on “Bad News Good News Let’s do the Shingles Shake

  1. I just wanted to point out that shakes are very popular right now: Alabama Shakes, Harlem Shake. Also Shingles and Shakes are both roofing materials. Also, I prefer the plain one.

  2. I like the traditional feel of the stripes and like the floral one also . It has legs so you would have to dust under it more. The patterns are nice since the drapes are plain blue and the rug is plain. And the patterned ones will not show spots as much as the plain one, Mr. Olson. .

  3. Considering buying two matching loveseats is a good idea and you have your rocking chair so the loveseats would not be the only place to sit and would look fine!

  4. My advice is to pick the piece that you LOVE the most. The couch is what you are investing in — so pick your very favorite and the rest of the pieces can be slowly modified or replaced.

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