On my Shoulders

Today when I was dropping my daughter off at school, I heard one of the other kids call her “Sunshine.”

“How sweet!” I thought, and all day ruminated on how wonderful it was that her classmates recognized her sunny disposition.

When I picked her up after school, I asked her about it.

“Who named you that?”

“One of the kids”

“Why do they call you that?”

“Because of my hair.”

“Your hair?”

She gives me a gap-toothed smile, and points to her head. 

Though we had cut her bangs (at her request) a few months ago, Selam mostly wears her hair pushed back in a headband. As the day rolls on, the short hairs begin to stick up in a halo around her head–like the rays of the sun…

“Oh, wow, baby, does that hurt your feelings?”

“Not really. Sunshine is a much prettier name than doo-doo head.”


3 thoughts on “On my Shoulders

  1. Sunshine is what we dubbed her… plus it was probably the only song I knew how to sing to her… so she’s always been Sunshine to me.. and I’m guessing some other poor soul got the doo- doo head moniker.

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