On the subway

Last Saturday, I took Selam to the circus in Boston.  We drove to a T stop, parked and joined others heading into the city on a beautiful Saturday just a few days before the Marathon. Runners were everywhere, wearing shirts and jackets championing their causes. Some wore lanyards identifying themselves as participants.  I love snooping, eavesdropping,  people watching, and enjoyed hearing the runners introduce themselves to each other.  The folks on the train were from out of town, out of state, actually, and had arrived early to enjoy the city prior to the race day. 

As we got closer to our stop, a family joined us, and Selam quickly made friends with two little boys about her age. Their ginger hair matched their mother’s short ‘do. She had the lanyard on, and her little girl–maybe two years old–played with it.  Dad had the stroller, and busied himself counting the stops and staring at the map. 

She spoke with another runner. It was her second Boston, she told him. It was his first. “There’s nothing like the Boston,” she told him. “I can’t wait.” They exchanged information about waves and corrals and busses. “Enjoy!” she said to the young man,  baby on her hip as she exited the subway with us.  Selam bid the two little guys farewell. We both caught the escalator up, up, up, out of the deep and into the brilliant Boston sky. 

Everything spins on a dime. 

I hope they’re okay. 



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