extreme makeover

So, wow. I have been nearly a month without internet at home.  I’m so glad to have it back!  

Selam is at camp, and I miss her like crazy. 

While she’s gone, I’m working on a big-girl room upgrade for her.  I’m painting one bookcase, two new to us dressers, and a tiny new to us bookcase.  I’m also going to be painting some little things–frames and such.  

She picked out a new bedspread.  Its a crazy assortment of colors–fuschia, pink, teal, orange….mostly fuschia. I got her a new bedskirt and a pillow sham.  I got her a bulletin board, and will be covering it with magenta fabric.  We got a new lamp.  I bought some tulle to make into giant pom poms.  Oh, and I bought a bean bag chair cover. Last, there is a chair that a friend is giving me.  Ooh, I almost forgot. There is also a new, small, Land of Nod wall unit.  Today, I got some wall stickers, too–flowers and such.

Total cost? 284. 

Am I a bargain genius or what?

Before and afters to come. 

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