The room redo–first steps

So, here is the quilt Selam picked. Her bed will never look like this, because her bed will be covered with 87,000 stuffed animals, but this is the color choice: Image

So I decided to go with a teal as a base color with hot pink. She wanted all pink, but I didn’t think I could take looking at a pepto bismol bottle every day.  So here’s the bookcase before and after: 


ImageThen the dressers.  So her old dresser was just really not up for the task of a little girl. The drawer pulls kept falling off, the drawers got stuck all the time, and it was just time for a mild upgrade. I got these two dressers at a yard sale for a combined 75 bucks. Then he charged me 5 bucks to deliver.  The only downside was that he’d just painted both with a dark oil based paint, which is not fun to paint over, but the price is right and I think she’s going to love them. Here they are before: Image

Imageand after (well, during and after)



Tonight, I’m going to put everything together–everything except wall stuff. Selam has been quite insistent that she wants to keep her bed next to the window, but with an extra dresser, we’re really running out of room if every single piece of furniture needs to be against the wall. She agreed to try it for one night in the other configuration, but I won’t be putting up any wall stuff until she’s committed to it.  

Can’t wait to show her!




6 thoughts on “The room redo–first steps

  1. Love the colors! Hear you about the pepto bismal pink–J (who is 5 now) picked out ‘vivacious pink’ for her room in their new house. I haven’t seen it since it was finished but wow was it bright in the can.

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