So, yeah, the last, what 4 months? happened

Oh my. I have fallen totally off the blogging bandwagon, which is not, in and of itself a bad thing, it’s just a thing.  It’s sort of like quitting working out, it’s kind of hard to get back in the flow of something after so long (not that I would have any idea what that is like!)

So, yeah, we had a fall, and now we have a winter.  Our windows are leaking, and we are digging into the box of blankets in order to snuggle on the sofa together. S has discovered the joy of reading to herself, which marks a big change in our lives together.  We quit cable, and now only have netflix through the wii, which is also a nice thing to have.  Plus, without trying to, we’ve given up weekday screen time for her. There’s just too much to fit in, and so far, when I say “no, but you can watch all you want on the weekend,” she’s been fine with it.  When the weekend comes, we usually watch a movie on Friday and then she’ll gorge a bit on Saturday and then get bored. Problem solved. 

We are planning to travel to the parental homestead for Christmas via train.  It ended up being much, much cheaper than flying, in no small part because kids’ tickets are half price on Amtrak.  When you add in the no parking fees (we can take a cab there and back for the cost of one day of airport parking), we’re all set.  The way there won’t be so bad. We leave at 10:15 a.m., get to station A at 11:30 and then have an hour layover before getting on the long haul train.  I figure the excitement of switching trains and checking out the dining room, club car, and viewing room will take up a bit of time, then a movie and some books. We might have dinner in the dining car, if it’s not too dear, then another book and bedtime. When she wakes up, we’ll be almost there. We arrive at 9:30, and then have to make our way from Windy City to homestead, which might be annoying, given bags and such, but at least will be interesting.  The way back, our train departs at 9:30 p.m. I suspect that one will be harder, because we’ll have a long day the next day with nothing exciting.  Hopefully, I can dig up some new movies for that half.  I’m wondering–do you think if you check out a movie via redbox in one state, you can return it another?  I guess I could google that. I welcome all train travel with 7 year olds advice. 

Thanksgiving is this week. We are joining with generous friends. We have lots of arts and crafts to do over the long weekend. Let the glitter begin! 

I’m trying to figure out next summer’s plans (already!).  I’m going to apply to the writer’s workshop again.  Unfortunately, the one that would be best for me is not going to work as it’s when S is still in school and can’t be sent to grandparent land. So I’m thinking. And I need to write a bunch of writing samples to make my attempts. I also have a short article due in a few weeks, and need to get the juices going again.  I guess that’s a big piece of the return to bloggy land. I have to start writing!





2 thoughts on “So, yeah, the last, what 4 months? happened

  1. Nice to get an update! What I like about train travel is that you can play all the standard car games that require looking out the window. (Spelling the alphabet from letters in signs you see, that kind of a thing.)

  2. Yes, you can return redbox movies in another state.

    I don’t have a 7 year old and haven’t traveled by train, but I was trying to think of things my 5 year old would like. Do you have a tablet of some sort–so you could get some new apps? A new book with a character she loves? A book/series that you read to her or is on CD/mp3? How about new card games (since they are smallish to pack)? My daughter loves Skip-Bo, but Uno or Crazy 8s could work. There are lots of others too. Create a scavenger hunt of items to look for inside or outside the train. Or every few hours have a new tiny present to open–like a coloring book and crayons, or playdough, or craft supplies to make thank you notes for Christmas gifts–including glitter glue! And snacks, lots of snacks–especially ones you might not have usually at home.

    I, too, have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. Just haven’t figured out how to get back on!

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