A year

So, one year ago today, I was choking back tears and explaining that a very sad thing happened at a school near us.  Tonight, I’m sitting on the sofa while Miss S reads Diary of a Wimpy Kid and i catch up on facebook and blogs. We are sharing a bowl of goldfish crackers, and every few minutes she reads something to me from the book. We are the old married couple reading the newspaper. Every so often my hand brushes hers in the bowl of artificial cheese flavoring, and I am reminded that she is here. She is alive and sitting on the sofa, having survived first grade. In the last twelve months, she’s lost and grown teeth, become a Brownie, spent the night away from me, watched her reading skills take flight, learned to ice-skate, ride a bike, sing in a choir…..

Twenty-eight lives is twenty-eight too many. And twenty-three miles distance is sometimes not enough.  


For those just joining us, here’s what I had to say about this last year day of, day after, month after.




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