the job

Selam’s school has “town meetings” every couple of weeks, alternating between upper and lower grades.  At these meetings each class or grade (there are only 2 sections per grade, so they often share) does a performance of something they’ve been working on–often from music or dance class, but sometimes skits or even a video.  They say the pledge, sing the school song, lots of clapping. 

Two students get to be the MCs for the big show.  A specific grade has its turn, and each section picks one child.  It’s always one boy and one girl, and usually one white child and one non-white child.  Up until now, it’s always been the strongest readers in the class, I guess because many kindergarteners and first graders don’t read all that well. This year, in second grade, the teacher asked who wanted to do it.  Selam enthusiastically raised her hand. She thoroughly expected to be picked simply because she wanted to be picked. 

The teacher was supposed to tell them who got it on Tuesday, but they had a snow day. Selam then got to spend close to two days hoping and half-expecting to get the part. I kept talking it down, because I didn’t think she’d get it.  

She got it. 

She’s so excited. 

We called the family last night, and left a message for Grandma and Grandpa. But when she called her Aunt Julie, she reached her. She started out by saying that she knew I’d told Aunt Julie that she really wanted to have the part. “Well, ” she continues, “I have good news. I got the job!” 

The show’s on Friday. Details then. 

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