It worked so well

last time….when I was looking for a piece to work up for the writing workshop.  Anyone have any ideas of stories I could rework for this thing I have to write about being a female head of household? The editor is very forgiving–anything in the general range of topic will work.  I’ve been working all day on a piece that is turning out to be rather smarmy and over-thought.  I’m not so much of an essayist–more of a story teller, I guess. 

I was kind of thinking of playing with “where my mother is” a little bit but maybe there’s a better story out there.  blech. 

This thing was due in December but I got it extended to January 6. Pushing it….(though fair enough, once I know what I’m going to write, I’m very fast, so the crunch is for the idea, not the writing time.)  

3 thoughts on “It worked so well

  1. You are on to something using ” where my mother is” and the responsibilities of being the head of the household that go with motherhood.

  2. I feel like you once had a post about single parenting that said something to the effect of: con — having no one to share parenting with, pro — not having to share parenting with someone else. I know that’s not quite right and I don’t remember when it was so don’t know how to look it up. Perhaps that would be a place to start as you have a small household?

  3. I think it is interesting to have it from your perspective as a single parent. You are truly the head of household — while others may share the title or may, in fact, have an associate head who can readily jump in. You are, in fact, the sole head of household. Like a solo practitioner. Maybe focus on a time when it hit you that you were the head of household — like when you were sick or had to make key decisions.

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