New Year, New You?

So, I had such grand hopes for purging and cleaning this weekend, but, well, it didn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow.  I have one more day until Selam is back in school.  Maybe we’ll pick up. Maybe we’ll read on the sofa and go ice skating.

I did get a bit of time on Sunday afternoon (oh, how I love playdates!) to finish up a writing assignment and also spent a little time trying to improve this here blog thingymajigger.  For some random reason, every post that I’ve ever written has gotten the tag”2011″.  I’m going back in time to correct that, but after 3 pages I got bored.  I think I need to do it in small chunks.  I put a new picture up. What do you think?  It’s not perfect yet, but at least it’s unique.

Next order of business is the demise of google reader.

Can we all have a moment of silence for google reader?


Okay, thank you. So feedly doesn’t seem to be all that helpful.  Most blogs that I read these days I’ve been getting via facebook (as in sign up for the blog via facebook and they give you a handy link every time there’s a post.  Should I do that? Would both of my readers prefer that (hi mom! hi dad!) I don’t want to put it on my regular facebook page because I post on facebook way too often as it is.  Also, I don’t friend people that I don’t know so that would cut out others.

What think ye?


5 thoughts on “New Year, New You?

  1. Facebook would work for me, but I will look for new stuff regardless of what you decide. I’ve just never gotten the hang of any blog feed thing, but that is just me, I think.

  2. I use feedly as my main source for blogs. I can also use FB, but sometimes you don’t get every post from every page, such is FB algorithms, so not as reliable as other sources.

    Have I said how excited I am that you’re back?!

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