Dreaming of Spring

First of all, I like winter a lot, so don’t let the “dreaming of spring” title fool you.  The reason I’m dreaming of spring, though, is that I have a few lalabeansie rebate cards that I need to spend by early February, and since it’s after Christmas and both of us have everything we need, I thought about buying something for this spring and summer, when we both hope to do a lot of camping.  We took our first camping trip (just one night!) this fall, and Selam has talked about it often since.  So, we have summer plans of a couple of two nighters, if we get lucky! 

Anyway, I already have all the important stuff–tents, tarps, lanterns, cooking gear, etc.  I have a tiny backpacking stove, but I didn’t use it because it’s a pain in the neck.  We just cooked on the fire or ate cold.  I suppose I could be practical and get a coleman stove (or part of one actually).  I could also get a second thermorest so Selam can have one, but even though she whined about it, I suspect a yoga mat would do the same trick for next time and it’s car camping–not the BWCA.  

I’m thinking of one of three funnish items.  Anyone have experience with any of these? 

First, pie iron(s).  I looooooved cooking on these when I was a kid at camp.  They make a double (which is tempting because it’s just one item to pack as opposed to two) or two singles.  Maybe they’d work on our own fireplace now? The question is–are these fun for someone who is not me?  I am thinking it gets bonus points for being a way to cook without buying a stove, but…..

Second, ice cream ball. Has anyone done this? Is it fun? Does it work?

Third, popcorn popper.  This looks like a lot of fun to me, but I wonder if it’d be too gigantic for my limited storage (though if I ever get around to cleaning out my storage space, that limited storage would be less limited.) Works in the fireplace?  

I wish our state parks had cabin camping in the winter. It’d be so much fun to go! 




7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. I have used the ice cream ball (I think the exact one). It works–sort of. It takes a lot of time rolling to work! And it doesn’t make a lot. We had 5 or so people rolling it back and forth. Everyone was older than 10, so maybe it wasn’t ‘magical’ enough, but it lost its appeal quickly. And for our larger group (more than the ones who were rolling it), it wasn’t nearly enough very soft ice cream. I would say it depends on your/Selam’s patience and interest level.

  2. We took an ice cream ball AND pie irons camping last spring. The ice cream ball takes about 30 minutes–definitely nice w/larger group and patience. The pie irons were a blast! We used them to make potatoes in the morning (sliced up some leftover baked potatoes and added some butter and spices); we made grilled cheese; I think we cooked some vegetables, too. Totally fun. We liked my round one that was small enough to cut the edges off the bread, which created a nice seal. But the double one was practical for cooking more food at once. Either way, you’ll be fine. I wish we could camp together–that would be fun.

    • I remember round ones from Girl Scout camp, too! Those were coveted. There was a big pile of them, and everyone wanted the round ones! Looks like lalabeansies only has the square, which since it’s free, we’ll take it.

      I can totally see you as a camping buddies. My requirements: must have a shower house, allow fires, and ideally has a place to swim or ride bikes (or both). Find a place and I bet we could make it work! (Or come down here!)

  3. I second the pie irons. Relatively fast cooking, and like with marshmallows or hotdogs, Selam could have some fun cooking and being able to do it herself. They would work in the fireplace, too.

  4. And the final answer was—–both! I had 40 bucks in rebates. I bought the popcorn popper and one pie iron, and had to pay 10 bucks. I was all set with the pie irons until I discovered that they really weren’t that great of a price–they were only 12 elsewhere. So, I got the popcorn popper, which was comparably priced elsewhere, and a discount on one pie iron with the remaining money. Both items are backordered, which is probably a good thing. One will come in 2 weeks and one in 4. I just need to get a bunch of firewood now! Later this year, I’m going to buy a round pie iron so we have two.

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