Calm before

Early January is such a sleepy time of year for me.  It always has been. Even though normal offices kick back into “regular” mode right after the holidays, colleges have a week or more where we are back at work, but the students and faculty aren’t here.  I meet with students, plan things, respond to overdue emails, and basically work at a slower speed. There is nothing to take home at night, which is nice.

I’ve been an errand running ninja during lunch hours and Saturdays.  Library books are returned.  Car repairs, dentist appointments.  I still hope to get new glasses before Monday, too.   

Ideally, I would spend my evenings getting ahead on various things.  I need a writing sample for an application.  I am preaching once in January and once again in February. I need to get going on those sermons.  I haven’t put away the Christmas tree yet, and I really wanted to sort out some closets. 

But I don’t. 

Early January is a bit of a lazy Saturday morning.  I burrow under blankets with books and the cat.  My daughter dances around until she, too, is piled underneath.  We pull the blanket over both heads, and bring flashlights and snacks inside. The words from the books bounce on the fabric canopy and circle around our chilly ears.  I think they swirl inside, and come out to play in our dreams. 

The housework will wait. 


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