Sad Days

Selam had trouble falling asleep tonight.  It’s been this way for the last week or so.  She cries easier. She wakes up and tries to find me. She sleeps late, because her sleep is so poor. 

I knew it would eventually come out. Her pattern is predictable.  I just have to wait. 

And tonight it spilled out. 

The specific details are immaterial and not mine to tell, but there is a mean girl. She’s not just mean to Selam, she’s mean to everyone. I have inferred enough from my  drop off and pick up visits to know that the teachers are aware of it and are doing the best that they can. Things are hard for this girl. 

And she in turn, makes things hard for everyone else. 

You get it, and you feel bad, but when it’s your child who is suffering, it’s hard to maintain your balance. 

Selam gets it at some level. She has picked up things about this girl’s life and made comments. She’s connected some dots. She has tried to be kind, tried to forgive, but cannot forget. Yesterday, the girl was mean to a boy in class who has some disabilities. Selam saw red. So tonight, I heard the whole sobbing litany of every mean thing that has happened at the hands of this girl all year, most especially the things she has done or said to the boy with disabilities.

I do love her tender heart. 

And I do wish I could protect it. 


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