Where the Wild Things Are

So, a mere two years later, Selam and I are blessed with another trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.  I have a conference in Orlando (free airfare for me), and we will stay after for 5 days with a friend who is blessed with a family time share on property.  This is a huge deal, of course. I know how very, very, very lucky we are.  Only one ticket and free housing?  We are so lucky.

I know most people go to Disney once and see everything, do everything. Apparently, the women of the House of Glitter are spreading the Disney magic out in dollops.  

So, last time, we went to Magic Kingdom, which we both loved.  We spent a lot of time at the hotel pool, and 3 great days exploring the park. I discovered that my girl has a need for speed. She loves fast rides.  And parades. And shows. And characters. And fireworks.  She doesn’t really like wasting time eating, and high rides are not her thing. (She’s not afraid of heights in particular, but they aren’t her favorite. She particularly loved the teapots and bumper cars.) 

This time, we are staying at Animal Kingdom, so we’ll go to Animal Kingdom.  It looks like we will only be going one day this time, but since we’re staying close to it, I hope we’ll be able to be there from opening to closing. If the tax returns are kind, we might have a second day–possibly Animal Kingdom or else back to Magic Kingdom. 

So, ye experienced ones, what are the can’t miss moments of Animal Kingdom? Which rides are the best? 


One thought on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. The Safari. Walking the nature trails is fun. You can take the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and see the petting zoo and the veterinary clinic. Is she tall enough for Expedition Everest? It is a great roller coaster, but it does go high. Festival of the Lion King is closed until they build it a new theatre, but the Finding Nemo show is supposed to be pretty neat. The bird show (Flights of Wonder) was really cool. Dinoland gets a bad rap for being kind of cheesy, but my kids really liked it at that age. There is a kids’ play area there (The Boneyard) that they loved. At the resort itself, there are storytellers and using night vision goggles to see the animals on the savanna at night. Enjoy!

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