I am not at work today. I took a vacation day to work on my lenten thing.  I did a few things for lent this year–

1) I took facebook off of my phone, which has been pretty effective (I use facebook at work and can’t get rid of it altogether, but not having instant access has been a good thing)

2) i gave up cheese. Now giving up cheese has been much harder than I anticipated, with a negative side effect that most of my go-to recipes involve cheese. Consequently, we haven’t been eating very well. So this morning as part of my vacation day for lent, I did some kid-free grocery shopping and got ingredients for a few things that I can make that are cheese-free or cheese-optional–where Selam can add without me. 

3) I decided to do the 40 bags in 40 days thing.  So I’m ridding my apartment of 40 bags worth of stuff.  This is something that needed to happen anyway. I still hope to move and need to pare down, but being forced to do it within a time constraint and being forced to give it all away has been a decent challenge.  I’m not storing things for later. I’m not taking things to the kids resale shop (although I have set aside some things for that–but those don’t count in the 40 bags).  I am at 17, and hope to hit 25 by day’s end. This Saturday, Selam and I will go through her books, and that will add more to the group.  Next weekend, I hope to go through my storage unit, if I can. This project is less Lenten than some others but it’s good to own less. 

For Selam’s part, she gave up nutella. 

For one day. 

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