This blog is an attempt to capture a variety of essays in one place. Most of them are about life with my daughter, Selam, adopted from Ethiopia in 2009. But others might be about church (I’m a PCUSA pastor), faith, cats, work, and Diet Coke.

The title comes from a line in Dan Zanes’ song “Jump Up” which has always been a favorite Selam and Mommy dance tune.  The lyrics can be found here:

http://www.danzanes.com/songbook/family-dance/jump-up.  I actually wanted to name it “I love, love love you” which is my favorite phrase from the song, but that one is taken.  I dare you to listen to that song without wanting to dance with a kid or two or ten.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Susan,

    We (adoptionjourney.org) love your blog and were wondering if you might like to collaborate with us as we try to make the adoption process a little easier for other families out there. If you’re interested, please email me.


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