I think I’m going to give away all kitchen tools save for the crock pot and cupcake tray.  For some reason, Selam will eat nearly anything that comes in a cupcake tray.  

Here are our favorites (apologies to vegans–these would never work, though I think vegetarians could alter them to make it.) 

Taco Cupcakes–at least once every two weeks–sometimes more often. We usually use turkey but have done it with the vegetarian fake ground meat, too. I use black beans instead of refried beans.  Often I just throw cooked and seasoned ground turkey, salsa, beans and even corn if I have some in the same pot and make the cupcakes with that sort of a chili mixture then cheese, then wonton, repeat.

Meatloaf Cupcakes–No recipe–just put your favorite meatloaf recipe in cupcake tins–some people top with mashed potatoes. I use turkey. 

Lasagna Cupcakes —I love these. Selam is less of a fan, but will eat them. I do spinach, so they’re vegetarian. I don’t cut the won tons to perfectly fit the tray–I just fold let them overlap. 

and our newest—

bacon and eggs cupcakes–this one we used turkey bacon and half egg beaters/half real eggs and hers had real cheese but mine had the fat free, and it still tasted really good!  I think next time, I might throw in some veggies, as well. 

Got any more cupcakey dinners for me?  

One thought on “Cupcake

  1. Made the bacon and egg cupcakes this morning…thanks for posting this…they were delicious. I used turkey bacon. Yummy and easy.

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